Friday, April 27, 2012

Back to Kapas, again and again

Yes, it's such a great place to relax.

Even before we get on the boat, there is the village of Marang
with its massive Carob trees, and the lovely market full of fruit - and other brilliant stuff!

I'm getting ready to buy some mangoes (just because Peter is allergic, doesn't mean I can't enjoy them!) but there are three kinds in front of me to choose from. I decided on the bright yellow ones, and they were delicious.

 We also bought a couple of durian fruit to share with Zai, and anyone else who was interested.

 The restaurant has a new coat of paint, and a new sign. (yes, it says "Enjoy the Chalet Beaches Facing the Sea" ...)
 Zai's cooking is a good as ever.
There are great walks along the beach

and people messing about in boats.

A couple of our friends from work came too one weekend.
  There is always lots of swimming, and some new friends to meet under the water.

 Too good to do EVERY weekend, but as often as not ...