Sunday, September 25, 2011

Our New (Other) Website

All in the line of duty, we have created a website to make our work materials available to our Malaysian colleagues.

It's called "A Collection of TESL Resources".

It is just for educators in Malaysia, so most of the pages are password protected.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hey! We Found Nemo!

Another relaxing weekend on Pulau Kapas, or "Cotton Island"

Align CenterThis little resort - 'Pak Ya Seaview and Restaurant" has become our weekend getaway. There are 3 A-frame shacks on the left of the resaturant (sandy floor, plastic chairs ...) and four on the right. This time we were staying in number 3, closest to the restaurant.

Of course our fish had missed us, and were very excited to have some bread.

After breakfast, and a bit of a snorkel around our favourite spot, it was time to catch up on some reading on our tiny verandah.

There seemed to be a bit more activity on the island than there has been lately - boats and people, and even a large contingent of mothers and toddlers splashing in the shallows enjoying a "Family Day".

So we went for a bit of a walk along the beach.

We stopped to admire the work of a few very artistic crabs!

And we avoided the gate with the warning sign that made it clear someone would shoot us if we tried to enter!

And then, with the mothers and babies all splashing near our favourite spot, we went further afield to look for another swimming and snorkelling spot.

And we found Nemo! And a whole lot of other weird stuff that wasn't at our other spot.

And then it was time to scramble aboard the boat back to the mainland.

Only a few more weeks left before the monsoon when the islands will be closed.

Only a few more weeks before our next holiday back in Australia!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Living the Life

We have just returned from another stretched weekend on our favourite nearby island - Pulau Kapas. The boat left the island at 12 noon and we were back in our apartment at 12.45pm.

Align Center

We did some swimming, of course - the water is such a delicious temperature!

This was my early morning swim, and the water wasn't the slightest bit cold. It was mostly pleasantly cool, but the bottom foot or so (next to the sand) was really warm ... bit of a weird feeling!!

And we went snorkelling as well.

The fish were really glad to see us, as always. I saved a piece of my toast from breakfast, and they gobbled that up. Then they were sure that Peter still had something for them, and they kept nibbling at him.

Except for this particular - er, school? - who all had their minds on something else that they were feverishly pecking away at and ignoring us.

Seeing Faces!

Do you see faces in odd places? Like the front of a car that looks like it's happy, or angry ...? Well, we both tend to see faces in odd places...

It wasn't us, though, that noticed the face in this piece of coral, and propped it up as a decoration at the resort.

Peter was walking along the beach and came across another one:


Time to Relax with a Good Book

Last time we went we both had library books with us, and both finished our books, which was a bit devastating.

This time we made sure we had plenty of pages in the books we took with us.

Local Craft

Zah, the chappy who 'does' (cooking, cleaning, carrying bags etc) for the resort uses some of his spare time (this time of year there are so few visitors) to make some bits and pieces out of shells.

He called me over and said he had something for me. Then and there he made me this lovely little shell necklace.

I shall wear it with pride - especially next time we go back!

We are going to KL for a Fellows conference this week, and then next Friday is a holiday so the island is likely to be fully booked

Couple of weeks, then, before we go back.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Odd Stuff

Ramadhan is finished, Hari Raya is over, and Malaysia Day is past - today is the last real holiday, and everything should be back to 'normal' tomorrow ... which of course is a Friday, the first day of the weekend in this part of Malaysia.

Back to work on Sunday then.

But the cannon - or big firework that sounds like a cannon - keeps going off twice a day. So ... is it just an addiction??

Peter went out in the heat of the day today (and it was really hot and muggy) and climbed up to look at the cannons on Bukit Puteri (Princess Hill).

People have noticed how these two look a bit alike, except for size.

Well, the English is a little bit wonky - we get used to that here! - but the thought is there, it looks like a mother and baby cannon. A bit like when you are doing the washing up and you put all the cutlery in the water, and the next thing you know there are all these teaspoons!! Well, you know.

Something else you don't expect to see:

Yeah, a bit odd. Dried Duck? Dusty Duck? Setting an example for misbehaving Ducks??

The Monster has moved

Don't know if you remember the monster we can see from our window, out on the end of the rock wall where the river opens into the sea.

Couldn't work out if it's a crane or dredger, and has it sunk or broken?

One day a big white boat showed up and parked next to it for days at a time. Then one day we saw it being towed back inside the heads.

It no longer leans drunkenly to one side. The white boat is often parked next to it and they are presumably still working on it.

Some of the local fishermen seem to be living on it too.