Saturday, September 10, 2011

Living the Life

We have just returned from another stretched weekend on our favourite nearby island - Pulau Kapas. The boat left the island at 12 noon and we were back in our apartment at 12.45pm.

Align Center

We did some swimming, of course - the water is such a delicious temperature!

This was my early morning swim, and the water wasn't the slightest bit cold. It was mostly pleasantly cool, but the bottom foot or so (next to the sand) was really warm ... bit of a weird feeling!!

And we went snorkelling as well.

The fish were really glad to see us, as always. I saved a piece of my toast from breakfast, and they gobbled that up. Then they were sure that Peter still had something for them, and they kept nibbling at him.

Except for this particular - er, school? - who all had their minds on something else that they were feverishly pecking away at and ignoring us.

Seeing Faces!

Do you see faces in odd places? Like the front of a car that looks like it's happy, or angry ...? Well, we both tend to see faces in odd places...

It wasn't us, though, that noticed the face in this piece of coral, and propped it up as a decoration at the resort.

Peter was walking along the beach and came across another one:


Time to Relax with a Good Book

Last time we went we both had library books with us, and both finished our books, which was a bit devastating.

This time we made sure we had plenty of pages in the books we took with us.

Local Craft

Zah, the chappy who 'does' (cooking, cleaning, carrying bags etc) for the resort uses some of his spare time (this time of year there are so few visitors) to make some bits and pieces out of shells.

He called me over and said he had something for me. Then and there he made me this lovely little shell necklace.

I shall wear it with pride - especially next time we go back!

We are going to KL for a Fellows conference this week, and then next Friday is a holiday so the island is likely to be fully booked

Couple of weeks, then, before we go back.

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