Sunday, July 22, 2012

No Room in the Inn

Someone has been telling people about Kapas Island, and it has been getting harder and harder to get a room at our favourite resort "Pak Ya".
We love the little cabins that each open directly onto the beach, and we love the cooking in the sandy-floored restaurant, AND we love the prices!

Well, this week we would not be refused. We thought that with the fasting month starting there would be less people going out there, but the place was full of people from Europe! All turning their lily-white bodies brown and enjoying their summer holidays.

So we had to turn to one of the other resorts. The biggest resorts are closed anyway because of the Muslim fast. But Kapas Coral Beach resort only opened its 12 or so newly-built chalets earlier this year, and they are keen to pay off their debts.

Of course they are waaayyyy more expensive than the Pak Ya chalets ... but they are air conditioned, and the beds are verrry nice!

So instead of paying RM 60 - 90, you pay RM 90 - 200. Or to put it in AUD, instead of $20+ it's $30+.

So, how good was it?

Well our little cabin (at RM 180, or $60 - you pay for position here) was closest to the beach.

Much more spacious than the other cabins - with a spare single bed. But the service was not so good -  only one towel provided, and "we'll send one over" proved to be meaningless! Kettle provided, but no coffees etc.

But the bed ... super comfy. And, of course, air-con.

There was a switch on the wall apparently for a hot-water system, and it even glowed red when we switched it on. But ... ha ha.

The big shower rose looked hopeful - cold water of course - but the water rushed out from above and all around, until Peter screwed the thing on properly. The lower tap did nothing (except fall off when we touched it!)
The other further away tap caused (cold) water to gush our of the hole up there past where the shower rose comes out. Presumably one day they might attach a hot water system there ... or not!

But Coral Beach Resort is right in front of the best patch of water with lovely reef.

All our friends were there to see us!