Saturday, July 27, 2013

Language Arts and Play Dough

Language Arts, apparently, are a fairly new thing around here, and due to my experience in 'the Arts' (as a 'music specialist') I am more comfortable with it than most. So I find myself teaching classes and workshops about Language Arts for young learners - songs and poetry, stories, and plays and drama are all part of the deal.

So, once again, I found myself teaching a "Stories" workshop to some 80 students, and interested lecturers.

Naturally, a certain amount of silliness was required
in the interest of keeping everyone engaged and involved, even during Ramadan.

Well, they did find it amusing. The lecturers too.

Then I discovered that these poor deprived darlings had never played with play dough! How will they ever become real teachers?

We are all just 'big kids', really, aren't we? Who doesn't like playing with dough?

And then it was time to get up and tell a story with their creations.

Yeah, this is easier than teaching primary school.