Monday, January 7, 2013

Malaysian Food - Yum (?)

It's often a little embarrassing when people here ask us what we think of Malaysian food (a subject very close to their hearts!) because:
  • firstly we can't handle anything with chili (and Malaysians loooove to use lots of chili) 
  • and secondly every meal comes with a lot of rice which, frankly, is bad for us diabetics.
However, there are lots of wonderful fresh fruits and vegetables available in this delightful climate! And we like that very much.

And then we have discovered catfish!

They are really not much to look at, are they? And so it is not at all obvious how totally delicious they are!

At first they appear to be ugly and very bony. But the way that they fry them up in the IPG canteen, all but the biggest main bones and the rock-hard skull are totally munchable.

Word has got around that we not only won't eat them when they are cooked with chili, but we are also very weird because we like to eat "just fish" without rice.

It has become a bright spot in the middle of our work day!