Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hey! We Found Nemo!

Another relaxing weekend on Pulau Kapas, or "Cotton Island"

Align CenterThis little resort - 'Pak Ya Seaview and Restaurant" has become our weekend getaway. There are 3 A-frame shacks on the left of the resaturant (sandy floor, plastic chairs ...) and four on the right. This time we were staying in number 3, closest to the restaurant.

Of course our fish had missed us, and were very excited to have some bread.

After breakfast, and a bit of a snorkel around our favourite spot, it was time to catch up on some reading on our tiny verandah.

There seemed to be a bit more activity on the island than there has been lately - boats and people, and even a large contingent of mothers and toddlers splashing in the shallows enjoying a "Family Day".

So we went for a bit of a walk along the beach.

We stopped to admire the work of a few very artistic crabs!

And we avoided the gate with the warning sign that made it clear someone would shoot us if we tried to enter!

And then, with the mothers and babies all splashing near our favourite spot, we went further afield to look for another swimming and snorkelling spot.

And we found Nemo! And a whole lot of other weird stuff that wasn't at our other spot.

And then it was time to scramble aboard the boat back to the mainland.

Only a few more weeks left before the monsoon when the islands will be closed.

Only a few more weeks before our next holiday back in Australia!

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