Friday, February 18, 2011

A Glimpse of the Past

Everyone raves about the State Museum - they are very proud of it here of course. It's big, covers four blocks I think.

So we went to take a look. Of course, right now is off season still for pretty much everything touristy - although museums shouldn't be affected by things like the monsoon, there are very few foreigners other than us in town, and we have no idea how many there might be "normally".

Well it is pretty impressive and beautiful on the outside, and of course we were very impressed.

The map indicated that there were lots of different things to see, and it is right down near the river.

Of course they took our camera off us when we went inside, and our phone cameras have no flash and make an embarrassing pretend camera noise when you try to surreptitiously take photos...

On the other hand, we only visited buildings 1 and 3 (and paid 15 ringgits each - the foreigners fee - for the privelege) and didn't really see anything we were inclined to photograph, and then a hoard of screaming, running school kids invaded the pitch (seemed odd on a weekend) ... so we decided we had had enough.

We did learn a little about the history of this place.

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