Friday, March 4, 2011

Earning My Umbrella

They said it was "English Week", and there would be competitions.

We work in the English Department of the Institute, but this seemed to be an attempt by the other departments to raise awareness and skill levels in English. Firstly there was a Choral Speaking event. Due to various factors, this event had to be held (annoyingly) in the evening (9pm after the last prayer session) - but we went home after work and then drove back in for it anyway.

It was quite surprising and amazing - we had never seen anything quite like that, especially performed by adults.

The lively antics of the conductor were especially fun to watch - there is no background music or beat, she had to keep them spot-on with timing.

Then there was an "Action Songs" competition the nxt afternoon - the trainee teachers presented nursery rhymes and the like, and dressed up as one would expect pre-schoolers to.

The following afternoon there was a "Sketch" competition, and groups presented short plays (15 minutes, in English) - and I was asked to be one of the judges.

On the last afternoon we had the closing ceremony and prizes were awarded. Every group in every competition received a prize - and they were all the same. First they awarded "Consolation" prizes, and then third, then first, then second.

And then they gave gifts to the judges. And I got my umbrella!

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