Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bitter is Better

They say that we all need a little bitterness - especially if you are diabetic.

I had heard of Bitter Gourd, or Bitter Melon, from an Indian friend in Saudi Arabia. Now my doctor (oh, yes, did I mention that he is from India?) is suggesting that I try it.

They say that it's best raw, and on an empty stomach ... hmmm.

Well, I have a juicer - they seem to say that juicing it is an acceptable way to consume it, and at least then it can be gulped rather than chewed, and chewed, and chewed ...

This is what it looks like inside. This is a young one - the seeds are still white. Later they gradually go bright shiny red, and the outside goes violent yellow ... and more and more bitter! The seeds are even more bitter than the outside, and some people make powder of them to sprinkle on their food.

Again with the endless chewing, I want to just gulp.

I put an apple or a pear through the juicer with it, and as I gulp I only taste the sweet fruit - the bitterness is an aftertaste.

So that is my afternoon tea!

I'm not keen on doing it first thing in the morning because the juicer makes so much noise and I live in an apartment. (Ignoring the fact that one of our neighbours starts clattering her pans at 3am - I figure she is supplying food for a restaurant or something.)

So ... does it taste bitter? .... oooooohhh yes!

Is it doing me any good? I hope so! I have seen a very small change in my blood sugar results so far.

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