Friday, May 13, 2011

Fluttering By

The season in Malaysia now is ... not the wet season, which doesn't seem to mean it's the 'dry' season.

Anyway, it seems to be butterfly season. (I guess the heavy monsoon wouldn't be a good time for them.)

We've seen all sorts of pretty fluttery things about, but this one appearing inside our apartment took us by surprise.

It's hard to demonstrate just how massive this thing is - I guess we should have had one of those little ruler things they have on CSI. It is bigger than a man's hand (that would be Peter's hand), but we didn't want to handle it and risk damaging its wings.

We encouraged it to think of itself as an outdoors butterfly

but it kept insisting that it had come inside of its own volition.

Eventually it did flutter away, going back and forth past our window several times before heading off into the jungly patch.

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