Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Celebrate in Pyjamas

So it was National Day (for Malaysia), right at the end of the month of Ramadham.

Flags everywhere - even we got a sticky one to put on our car.

We noticed the men were all getting about in their national dress, even in the shops. (The women, of course, get around in their special Malaysian gear ALL of the time.)

So, what is the national dress?

Here is a very serious, important man. He is wearing something that looks very similar to silk pyjamas, with a special cloth wrapped around his waist. The wraparound cloth is usually very heavy material, often with inlaid (actual) gold designs ... apparently rather prickly and uncomfortable, hence needing the layer underneath.

The chaps wandering around the shops, though, were just wearing the 'pyjamas' part, mostly in pastel colours (favourite being pink) - looking very comfortable, if not relaxed. In some cases you see all the men in one family wearing matching sets. Very cool.

I did notice that some of the young cool guys have developed their own style. They wear their shirt out, over the top of the wraparound, with the sleeves rolled up.

This young chap serving in our favourite restaurant (Secret Recipe) typifies the modern style, with his shirt hanging out and his little black hat perched jauntily on his moussed hair! Cool!

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