Saturday, April 13, 2013

Election in Malaysia

We don't get involved in the politics of the country, but we are involved in a government sponsored project and so it's possible that we have a vested interest in whatever happens next. Even after 56 years of the same party winning every election, everyone here still gets excited with the anticipation of possible change.

But for fun it's mostly about the flags.

There are areas of green, and areas of blue, and sometimes there are layers of both colours.

The green chaps started putting up their flags soon after we arrived in 2011. They went from little flags on poles, to huge flags waving from the tops of trees, and then there were long green ones with rows of white circles, and huge square ones with an array of white spots.

And now they are obviously getting bored with just flags, and branching out to other green and white objects. Can you see the plane (above) ... and then there is a helicopter ...

But this one is particularly cute!

I wonder if anyone votes based on their favourite flags.

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