Sunday, September 22, 2013

Saying our goodbyes

It has gradually been dawning on us and our colleagues that we are (probably) leaving Terengganu. This particular Fellows' project is finishing, and although there will (most probably) be another project starting in the new year, we have no idea where we might be within Malaysia.

 This amazing group of people have become our Malaysian family, and our very good friends.

Malaysian hospitality is legendary, and there is nothing like a good gathering with lots of ceremony to say goodbye to colleagues and friends. It was decided that a Forum would be a good way to close off our time here, make us feel really appreciated, and give people a chance to ask questions.

So, after all the times I have sat in the audience in this hall and stared at those big, soft thrones on the stage ... finally it was our turn to sit on the thrones!

And then there were lots of gifts from the various groups of students and lecturers - all given with the usual decorum and ceremony.

Everyone stood respectfully as we exited the main hall and went to the holding room. Here there was food - of course - and a chance to chat and give the newspaper-man some quotes.

Back in our office, we had streams of students coming in to say good-bye, and expressing their regrets that we didn't have more time with them.

Then there was another assembly in the English Department hall. This was the monthly assembly, this time run by the English Department. We don't always attend these sessions, but it was obviously a bit special with at least some of it being in English.

Linda and I sat on the women's side, behind all the colourful headscarves!

We stood with them as they recited a pledge, which they then all signed to on paper.
Some of the presentations then were in English, and some in BM, but that's OK because I had my iPad with me!

One last photo opportunity with our department, and the director and deputy director as well.

So many happy memories!

Memories of Work: What a great job this is where I get to do fun stuff like this!
This was my last workshop - a Phonology workshop, believe it or not.

 And yet everyone is laughing, students and lecturers alike.

Memories of lots of talking and laughing.

And, of course, lots of eating events.

This project has been so much fun. Looking forward to starting the new project in 2014!

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