Friday, June 13, 2014

A new adventure starts - in Northam

So we don't really want to go to Ningbo. (Although they have offered us jobs - six weeks later.)

Northam looks nice, though, doesn't it? (and there might be some jobs there - or we could just kinda retire ...)
For some people living in a place like Northam in the wheat-belt area of Western Australia would be ordinary. But after everywhere we've been, for us it is another new adventure.

So ... what's in Northam?

 Well, this is what we know thus far (thank you, Mr Google). Of course, we have driven through Northam a few times on our way back and forth between Perth and the eastern seaboard.

It's a fairly typical Aussie country town - population around 6 000.

It's well-known for some of its beautiful old buildings.

It's a farming district, with the Avon River (which goes all the way down to the Swan River in Perth) winding through it.

In the right season the Avon River swells and everyone comes here to watch the start of the exciting annual boating event - the Avon Descent.

In 2011 there was a remarkable dust storm that engulfed Northam.

There is an Immigration Detention Centre on the outskirts of the town.

And, of course, there is lots more! That will have to wait until we start a new blog!

July 4th leaving Malaysia. No more Jolly Good Fellows.

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