Monday, January 17, 2011

Time for WORK!

It's taken a few days, but we have finally located the Institute where we work!

And, no, we haven't learnt how to say that yet.

We are now registered, so we can clock on and clock off every day with our thumb prints. :(

In the main building, there is a delightful courtyard garden with huge Koi moseying around a pond.

And the work??!!

Well, so far all we have done is "meet and greet" - because there seem to be a lot of people to meet. (Not that we can remember any names at this stage.)

And when you first meet people, you should spend some quality time with them. So this is just one of the departmental staff rooms where we spent some time.

We walked into a few classes to greet the students. Every time we were introduced, and then someone would say "and Peter and Ruth are husband and wife" and the class would chorus "aaaawwww!"

Of course we will actually be working in the English department, but all of the student teachers and all of the lecturers are keen to have us coming around to practise their English.

The English Department

Our department, the English Department, has a brand new, barely completed, set of buildings, all very pleasant (pictures of that later).

But here are two of our colleagues, lecturers in the English Department ... truly delightful ladies.

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