Friday, October 14, 2011

The Back Side

We have often wondered about the 'back' side of Pulau Kapas, our favourite weekender island. So this time we arranged a little boat ride right around.

This interesting character, a friend of Zah - the resort chap - was very happy to earn himself a few ringgit by driving us around the island. We were a little disappointed with the boat which, while it delivered a reasonably comfortable ride (as long as we sat still), had no covering for very necessary shade for us pale-skins!

So what is around the back?

Well, it's very beautiful, and very rugged.

Quite inhospitable really.

So then we landed on the other little island - Gem Island.

Quite an exclusive little resort.

Very pretty, flowers and all the picturesque stuff.

And a little 'Infinity' pool, flowing over into a smaller pool where they have baby turtles. (The sign says "Do not touch turtle.")

The turtles, however, seem to have forsaken their instincts and associate the presence of large shadowy creatures (people) with the possibility of food, and all come crowding over begging to be loved.

The actual beach area is very tiny, and nice and secluded.

I had not eaten sufficient breakie before leaving home - forgetting that we would be going out on the boat and not supping on Zah's coconut pancakes when we first got there - and I had a diabetic moment.

Couldn't have a plain ole glass of orange juice though ...

So, we wobbled our way back across the pontoon (no jetty at this island) and into our little boat with our character.

Back home to our island weekend home.

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