Saturday, October 8, 2011

Dried Squid???

It was two weeks since our last visit to Pulau Kapas - definitely time for another relaxing weekend!

The beach had an unusual fishy aroma - then we noticed that there was something on the wooden steps (which are sometimes used for climbing in and out of boats) ...

Ah there was the source - Zah had caught some squid and was drying them in the sun. Occasionally a slight breeze would waft across them and into the 'restaurant' area.

I asked him what he planned to do with them after drying them...

And he was eager to share them with me after frying them!

Actually, they DID taste good, but they were really really tough!!

The wet season is very close. The days remind us of the"Doldrums" from our Murray Island days - hot and still, ocean like a millpond. But lately the weather has settled into a pattern of afternoon and/or evening thunderstorms.

As we sat on our little verandah reading our books and watching the ocean, we heard the thunder getting going over the mainland.

A really spectacular storm front came across - but it didn't rain on us, just rumbled away. Then, later at night it just pounded the island with heavy rain - great to sleep through!

When we first arrived we slipped straight into our bathers and ran down for a swim - there was almost no one around so I felt I could wear just bathers and not all the usual clobber. The sand was shiny with rows of little blobs sparkling along each waveline as the tide had receded - jellies??

The water was sparkling and welcoming us, but it was like swimming in porridge. The tiny blobs were everywhere, although there was no stinging. It was just so unnerving! We swam around a bit, but soon came back out. Later in the day I tried again, and there were very few of the tiny jelly blobs.

In the morning, observing little shiny blobs all along the beach, we went for a bit of a walk. We found these amazing-looking flowers on the beach under a tree.

They gave off an overpowering sweet aroma. The tree where they came from had these funny big square fruits/nuts.

So ... we headed back to the resort restaurant for some breakie, and Zah cooked up my favourite "local pancakes" which have coconut in them. :)

Oh, and Peter found a few more unhappy and distressed rocks which needed rescuing!

Back on the boat, and home again by lunch.

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