Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hurray for Island Time!

Yes so the weather is perfect, and the weekend is here - time for one of our island weekends!

As we arrived at the island, we wondered if autumn was here. The monsoon is past and the leaves on the beautiful, huge tropical almond trees have all turned red and are falling all around.

Beautiful, but a bit of a headache for Zai as he tries to keep the place neat and tidy.

Last week (when we went out to the island for a day trip) Peter found an amazing shell on the beach ...

... remarkable because shells of this kind are rarely found intact. Unfortunately this one still had something dead/dying inside. So Zai kindly buried it for a week to let nature take its course.

So this week Zai produced the beautiful shell, and then said he was visiting the mainland for a few hours and would bring us back something special that had local significance.

When he returned he presented us with ...

... a sea horse, a beautifully preserved specimen.

To explain the significance of the sea-horse, he pointed out that there was already one guarding the doorway to the kitchen - a tiny thing that we had never noticed above the kitchen door.

Well, we had a delightful weekend, and above all the swimming was ... just perfect.

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