Sunday, March 31, 2013

Elephant Pooh Paper

Who would've thought it? Well, why not - plenty of fibre in the diet, ay? (But it does make you wonder - what about other creatures that consume a lot of fibre? Or is it simply a question of the quantities that elephants consume/produce?)

Anyway, our guide was very happy to show us around the factory ...

Firstly we have the raw product, which is obviously available in abundance in this part of Thailand!

Then it must be boiled ... and this stuff really doesn't look (or smell) too bad at all.

Then you sloppy-it-up, and strain it out onto a net. You can add flowers and leaves and pretty things, and then let it dry.

Of course it's not your finest writing paper.

 More of a novelty, an "Oh! look what I made!" type of thing.

Of course we had to finish off in the Gift Shop ...

Now who doesn't love a trip to the gift shop? Notebooks, oven mitts, knick-knacks ... all the stuff you have no use for!

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