Saturday, March 23, 2013

Holiday in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand

(I have never tried blogging from my iPad before, but I came here without my laptop so I'll give it a try ...)

After work on Thursday - the start of school holidays - we packed and flew on the late plane to KL to link up with the small group from Brighton Education (company we work with) who had opted in to take this little holiday together. Traffic was heavy, the airport in KL was packed, and we were among the lucky ones who had booked early enough to get a bed (with a tiny room wrapped around it) at the Tune Hotel next to the airport to grab a few hours' sleep and be back at the airport 4am to queue and queue and finally catch our flight.

So we arrived in Thailand a little bit tired ...

 But then we arrived at our resort in Chiang Mai, and relaxed by the pool, watching the occasional boat drift by on the Ping River. 

The seven of us looked through some brochures to chose some outings ... And we thought there was a picture of a whale shark at the aquarium at the zoo. Curious about that, we all went to the zoo.

They sell little baskets of cucumbers and sugar cane bits so you can feed the elephant. I guess it takes a lot of cucumbers to fill up an elephant.

Flamingos are so cool! I always loved that old "Fantasia" cartoon and I could really imagine these guys enjoying a yoyo to play with.

The aquarium was fun - lots of amazing fish. But no sign of a whale shark!

There are trams to ride on around the enormous (hilly) zoo, and a monorail train that moves overhead at an absolutely frustrating snail's pace. But after a couple of hours we were all quite tired.

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