Saturday, March 3, 2012

Being Jolly Good Fellows

Our job at the IPG (teacher training institute) is full of variety, and we have a lot of fun.

Part of being a "Fellow" for me involves dressing in an acceptable local manner. My problem is firstly that most local women are not my shape, and secondly that their beautiful clothing is generally made of easy-care synthetic fabrics. While this is beautiful, I find I just can't wear that stuff in any climate, let alone a hot sticky one.

So - I buy cotton material (which is readily available), and I sew my own.

I bought this lovely sewing machine right here in Kuala Terengganu just before we went back to Australia for our holiday.

So here I am at work, fitting in.

This was actually during English Week. There were a number of competitions, and we fellows were invited to take part in the judging.

Peter was head judge for the Poetry Recital competition:

This delightful young lady had the task of making sure no one went over time.

And being Head Judge of course has added responsibilities such as giving a speech and handing out prizes.

And then it was my turn to judge the Action Songs competition.

This involved children from the local "Teaching School" rather than trainee teachers.

The entries took me right back to Music Festival days in Rockingham!

Then there was a competition for Skits, and our new fellow Fellow, Will, was a judge.

Yeah, I must admit, I enjoy being a Fellow!

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