Sunday, March 11, 2012

The shell shall be set free

We like to take walks on the local beach. And there is always a 'shell line' made up almost entirely of little white roundish shells. But every now and then you come across something extraordinary.

Like this little collection on Peter's desk.

But - wait a minute ... is that shell tied up? Is it in shackles??

Of course, we always check when we pick up a shell - nobody wants a live-dying-dead-smelly shell on their desk. And this one seemed to be empty and dry.

Except that it disappeared overnight and we found it over by the kitchen door.

Yep. That's what the Australian pet shops used to sell as a "Crazy Crab". So now we need to persuade him to stuff his backside into a different (less desirable) shell.

Well, yes, eventually he did.

And it was time to say goodbye.

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