Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A thumping headache

Over the road from our building, there used to be a couple of restaurants. We ate there once when we first moved in.

There was a "Snow Wash" there too, and we had our car washed there (for RM12 - or $4) once or twice.

Then they knocked it all down - progress, I suppose.

For a few months it has been a vacant block, and then the blue fence appeared ... I have seen these blue fences around building sites.

Then the monster appeared ... there it is hiding in the corner.

Apparently all of this land used to be pretty boggy - including where our building has stood for quite a few years. I'm guessing (not being an engineer myself) that is why they are using a pile-driver to start this building.

It's one big ugly beast! And it sure can give you a head-ache. We are so glad that we are on the other side of our building!

There they go, picking up another cement pole ready to ram it in. And ... there are lots more still to do!

And here are the ones they have rammed in already. We are so glad that we are away at work most days when they are banging them in. This week, though, is break-time at the institute, and so we are working here at home.

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